Focus, Energise, Create Combination Flower Essence

Just get on with it !

This energising combination essence helps you kick start any project, giving help with: creative block.writers block.organization.creativity.procrastination. and confidence.


  • Nan’s Polyanthus - to give the kick start for any project
  • Weld - provides the overview that enables you to visualize the whole picture and to see your goals
  • Carrot - helps you to organize yourself to reach those goals
  • Buttercup - to find the time to be confidently creative

The Focus/Energise/Create Essence Story

For many years I have worked in the film industry, one of the most taxing jobs in the industry is editor. The heat is on to complete the project as fast as possible, editing is one of the most creative jobs and a film can be made or lost by the way it is edited. Editors often do 12 hour days to complete projects and they are often working next to a computer in semi darkness. With this kind of pressure you can get creative burn out. It was exactly for this challenging environment that I made the combination ‚Focus Energise Create‘ The feed back we got was great -it was just the thing to help with a project that needs just a bit more energy. Since then many artists in all media have found it a great tool if they feel blocked.

It’s also good for those projects that for one reason or another you are putting off. I have used it on many occasions to help me settle down to my book keeping. It also makes a great gift that nobody would be offended at receiving!!

Christine Felce

For when you need hope This combination is for those times when you feel you are about to fall into a dark abyss, are suffering from dark thoughts and
 for improving communication skills This combination essence is for speaking in public, improving communication skills, difficult conversations,
 When you want to sparkle. Boosting self confidence. Feeling fabulous. Learning to love yourself. Improving self confidence. Have a good time....Contains: Potentilla
Stick to the plan This combination essence is for when you are trying to change your patterns and behaviour and need all the help you can get keeping
Help with grief, loss, heartbreak This combination essence is a ‚Rescue Remedy‘ for emotional trauma, bereavement, grief and loss. Contains: Borage
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