Sexy and Gorgeous Combination Flower Essence

 When you want to sparkle. Boosting self confidence. Feeling fabulous. Learning to love yourself. Improving self confidence. Have a good time....


  • Potentilla - I love who I am
  • Wisteria - increasing sexuality
  • Gorse - sunshine and joy
  • Dandelion - improve body image
  • Buttercup - self-confidence
  • Crab Apple - stop feeling guilty

The Sexy and Gorgeous Combination Essence Story

Flowers are the sexual part of the plant - they are the part that says „Aren’t I fantastically beautifully gorgeous.... and don’t you want to come closer and check me out?“ Most flowers are ‚designed‘ for pollination - their purpose is to attract. When we take the vibration of a flower into our being we are asking that flower to remind us how to be more like it. And each particular flower has a different personality.

This combination essence, we realized after designing all our labels and literature, should really have been called „Even More Sexy and Gorgeous“ because we all are underneath somewhere we just need reminding of it sometimes.

It’s for those times when you want to say „here I am, aren’t I perfectly gorgeous, come and get me“. It’s great to take before you go out in the evening or when you want to spend special time with someone else.....and it’s not just for women (see wisteria)- you guys give it as go too and see how good it makes you feel.

Saskia Marjoram

For when you need hope This combination is for those times when you feel you are about to fall into a dark abyss, are suffering from dark thoughts and
 for improving communication skills This combination essence is for speaking in public, improving communication skills, difficult conversations,
Stick to the plan This combination essence is for when you are trying to change your patterns and behaviour and need all the help you can get keeping
Just get on with it ! This energising combination essence helps you kick start any project, giving help with: creative block.writers block.organization.creativity.procrastination.
Help with grief, loss, heartbreak This combination essence is a ‚Rescue Remedy‘ for emotional trauma, bereavement, grief and loss. Contains: Borage
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