Bescherming - Protection

A combination of the Sneezewort, Greater Celandine, Rue and the Sensitive weed.


A good combination to give protection. It calms and brings you to the deepest centre of your being in times of tension, which is related to the influence of the outer world. Surrounds and protects with a mantle of light. Restore yourself and helps you to feel yourself good in your body. If you are not aware, that you are absorbing emotions and energies, it might happen that you become aware of it. This awareness helps you to change, however this can be a difficult and not always easy process, because it is often connected with pains and fears from the past, which also need to be solved.

©Bram Zaalberg, 2012

This new essence is made, among others, from Smokey quartz, Himalaya quartz, Emerald, Tourmaline, Labradorite, Malachite, Garnet and the flower essence
(Protection, Poppy, Borage, Impatiens, Giant Stropharia, Star of Bethlehem) In the beginning this essence was used as a combination for head-aches.
Combination of five remedies with the same composition as the normal Terra, but with Kastanje inktzwam in place of Mycena.   A remedy for when you have
(California Poppy, Trumpet Vine, Borage) To find your spiritual direction. When you have made choices in the past that were not made out of a spiritual
Mycena - Coprinus auricomus - Little Inky Cap - Giant Stropharia The 4 Mushroom Combination is for expressing yourself, for your manifestation, be
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