Vital Clarity - Phragmipedium besseae variety d’allesandroi, Phragmipedium kovachii & Amethyst

Vital Clarity

Vital Clarity is the 2nd of a sequential trio of essences. Vital Core helps to stir up shadow aspects of the 2nd chakra, while Vital Clarity then helps with the realignment of these energies of the lower body chakras, to bring the foundation of the energy body into alignment with one’s deeper spiritual aspirations. Vital Light is then taken to further the soul’s journey into Divine Light.

Helps the under-activity of the 2nd and 3rd chakras and helps regulate the over-activity of the adrenal glands. Also helps when the sense of self-identity
Has a direct application on the energy gates and meridian points which are related to the stress patterns of the body, relating to the fight vs. flight
There are times, both dark and otherwise, when we need soothing, gentle reassurance within, a healing that is both deep and quietly nurturing to the heart
Acting especially on the torso and 3rd chakra, this essence energises one gently yet immediately. If you are feeling a bit low in the afternoon, then Serene
Clears unwanted energetic imprints which impede the flow of vitality. Particularly helpful when the cause of fatigue is due to emotional blocks. Contains:
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