Sacral Regulator

Sacral Regulator is a combination of three essences: Core Release, Source of Life and an essence called Child‘s Play. This latter essence was made by Rose Titchiner in Norfolk, England as part of her Light Heart Essences range. She stopped producing and selling her essences in 2009 for health reasons, but the Child‘s Play essence had been so vital to Adrian‘s work for several years that he bought the mother tiuncture, and arranged for it to be sent to us at IFER, for us to bottle, so there could be a continued supply. Along with Vital Core, Unveiling Affection, Unconditional Snuggles and Sacral Release, Child‘s Play has been a key energetic tool for Adrian in correcting blockages and imbalances in the pelvic pulsation points and receptors. Not a flower essence, Child‘s Play is one of what Rose referred to as her „Intentional“ essences. There is a lightness and innocence to this essence which Adrian has found to be exceptionally potent in his Therapeutic Energy Kinesiology.

Sacral Regulator

This combination does what the sum of the parts would be in that it acts on the 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 6th and 7th chakras; it is purifying of the liver and also produces an increased sense of wellbeing and comfort within the pelvic region after a period of disturbance. On testing the essence it is clear that it has a marked effect on both levels of the dead pelvis syndrome, and does start the process of renewing and regeneration of the Gate of Life.

We should explain that the term „dead pelvis syndrome“ is used by Adrian for a set of energetic conditions he frequently finds in his work, whereby various of the receptors and pulsation points in the pelvic area are blocked or suppressed. Please see his chart in the second half of this book for an illustration of the points, and the essences he uses to re-balance these points.

Outside of the kinesiological descriptions, one is likely to find that Sacral Regulator gives a sense of wellbeing, emanating from the pelvic area, and at the same time an expanded awareness around the head. Sexuality moves away from „performance“ to intimacy and deep communion.

Contains: Core Release, Source of Life, Child‘s Play.

©Don Dennis

Helps the under-activity of the 2nd and 3rd chakras and helps regulate the over-activity of the adrenal glands. Also helps when the sense of self-identity
Has a direct application on the energy gates and meridian points which are related to the stress patterns of the body, relating to the fight vs. flight
There are times, both dark and otherwise, when we need soothing, gentle reassurance within, a healing that is both deep and quietly nurturing to the heart
Acting especially on the torso and 3rd chakra, this essence energises one gently yet immediately. If you are feeling a bit low in the afternoon, then Serene
Clears unwanted energetic imprints which impede the flow of vitality. Particularly helpful when the cause of fatigue is due to emotional blocks. Contains:
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