Abundance Essence

Do you long for richer relationships, greater happiness or a healthier bank balance? We all have blockages in place on unconscious levels which prevent us from accepting greater abundance into our lives. Life works on the principle of attraction. Your level of resonance dictates the people, wealth, opportunities and situations you attract to you. Change your resonance and you change your life. Abundance Essence is an alchemical combination which lifts your energy to a different level where wonderful changes can happen. It works to shift poverty consciousness and deeply ingrained beliefs of victimhood, bringing a sense of self-worth, deservability and a willingness to receive. It also helps you focus your intent and enhances your creativity and courage. Use it consistently. With its support, allow yourself to make the shifts and see the difference in your life.

Ingredients: Agapanthus, Borage, Giant Protea, Hibiscus, Loquat, Plum, Plumbago

©Jannet Unite-Penny

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