Birth Essence

This essence works to create harmony and inner peace for both mother and baby as you undertake the major transition of the birth process. It brings a sense of beingness, allaying fears and providing a protective shield at this important time. For the baby, the transition from being cocooned in the womb to facing life as a separate entity is enormous. Similarly, for the recuperating mother, a huge readjustment is required to handle the reponsibility of a helpless infant‘s demands. Birth Essence works to ease this passage for all concerned. For best results take it through the last trimester of pregnancy and for 10 -12 weeks after birth. Put one drop, diluted with water, in the baby‘s mouth or it can also be applied externally to the soles of the feet or to pulse points. This essence is also applicable for less literal periods of birth, when we are starting afresh or embarking on a new phase of life.

Ingredients: Cauliflower, Coral Tree, Dune Calendula, Flowering Cherry, Orange Pincushion, Oreganum, Yarrow

©Jannet Unite-Penny

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