Inner Male Essence

The inner female and inner male aspects of ourselves are also well known components of psychology. Symbolised by yin/yang energy, this inner relationship is reflected in our interaction with the men and women in our lives. In order for us to be whole, it is important that these two aspects which exist within all of us, men and women alike, support and harmoniously balance each other. The Inner Female Essence works to strengthen our ability to conceive new ideas and to be, rather than to do, as well as our intuitive, receptive and nurturing qualities. The Inner Male Essence facilitates our ability to create, to concretise things in the outer world, to bring ideas into form, to initiate, act, protect and lead.

Ingredients: African Banana, Hibiscus, Marigold, Mock Orange, Sausage Tree, Sunflower, Zimbabwe Creeper

©Jannet Unite-Penny

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