Menopause Essence

With the emphasis today on the perpetual pursuit of youth, the value and importance of maturity, experience and the wisdom that is garnered with time, is often overlooked. The belief that age brings redundancy can be changed as we recognise the valuable contribution we can make, as older members of the community. As we battle with physical change, Menopause Essence can play a vital role in strengthening our sense of self esteem and self worth, allowing the passage into this new phase of life to be accomplished with dignity and grace. It enables us to perceive the beauty that accompanies maturity, to move confidently into our full power and to play a part as wise elders in our community.

Ingredients: Blushing Bride, Dune Calendula, Gazania, Pomegranate, Senecio, Silverleaf, Tiger Lily

©Jannet Unite-Penny

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