Travel Essence

Tired of arriving weary and stressed? Travel Essence is an invaluable aid in combating the fatigue and disorientation associated with travel. Today, with the ever increasing tempo of life, we spend more and more time dashing from A to B in fast vehicles or hopping on and off aeroplanes, often with less forethought than our grandparents gave to preparing for a weekend at the seaside! We have all suffered the detrimental effects of overcrowded aircraft and the resultant invasion of our personal space. The exposure to electromagnetic energy generated by sophisticated vehicles, the adaptation to time zone changes and to different polarity fields is also not without its cost. They all take a heavy toll on us physically, emotionally and mentally and can leave us dazed and ungrounded. Travel Essence protects you and your loved ones, allowing your auric field to adjust to the changes. It assists you in resetting your time clock, ensuring that you can undertake what lies ahead, refreshed and centred. For long distance travel, take it for a few days before departure, as well as en route and after arrival. For short journeys, use it three or four times daily. It is a must for every traveller‘s pocket!

Ingredients: Hyacinth, Morning Glory, Rhododendron, Sweetpea, Thyme, Warratah, Wild Sage

©Jannet Unite-Penny

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