Healing The Cause

Helps deep seated or long-standing negative emotions hinder the ability to get well. By accepting responsibility for our health, ill-fortune can be seen as agents for beneficial change. Surrender obstacles to wholeness and wellbeing and heal the past and sources of suffering.

Healing the cause

Healing the Cause is made by combining flower essences of Ancient Yew, Gorse, Elf Cup Lichen, Monkey Flower, Rowan, Snowdrop, Sycamore, & Watercress

© Marion Leigh

Free your expression and let creativity flow by overcoming self created barriers, inhibitions or fear of failure. With trust, and the motivation to succeed,
Choosing transformation means ‘shining the light’ on what needs to be reformed or changed. We can transform and harmonise seemingly opposing parts
The transition into adulthood can be fraught with rapid changes in temperament from internal and external influences and pressures. Overcome the limitations
Relaxing into deep sleep can be difficult when stuck thoughts, emotions, worry, anxiety, or tension agitate or overwhelm us. When we calm our energies,
Balance the inner pairs of opposites. Dynamic union of intuition and consciousness with intelligence and activity will free our full potential and maximise
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