Soberania is prepared from gold, lapis lazuli – a mineral – and Atlantic Rainforest environmental essence

Key word: self value.

Benefits: Works on self-esteem and self value. Brings hope based on  interior faith. Brings a secure expression of our feelings. Strengthens our inherent qualities. Helps anchoring our most subtle, personal qualities. Helps us establish limits towards what we want and what we don’t want anymore. Works as a musical instrument tuner, giving us the most sovereign tune.

Symptoms: insecurity. Low self-esteem. Fear of exposure.  Lack of clarity. Pessimism. Rejection. Lack of power when facing situations. Submission.

Central Axis: irradiating center

© Sandra Epstein

Eloah (Hydrangea macrophylla, Stachytarpheta dichotoma, Passiflora amethystina Paspalum notatum) Keyword: clarity, dialogue.Chakras: first, second, third,
Keywords: vitality, creativity.Benefits: Helps sharing. Liberates and purifies vital blocked passages. Opens up to the flow of sexuality and fertility.
Rudá is made of Oribá, Thin-Á, Ararybá, Bromélia 2, Assa, Moara. KundaliniKeywords: harmony, metabolizing.Benefits: helps metabolize experiences
Keywords: transformation, consciousness.Benefits: Helps perceive what is necessary for us to work in ourselves in order to evolve. Points toward what
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