Pyatã (Philodendron imbe and Ybiapó)


Keywords: vitality, creativity.

Benefits: Helps sharing. Liberates and purifies vital blocked passages. Opens up to the flow of sexuality and fertility. Helps healing disturbed reproductive organs. Promotes concentration and confident incarnation. Offers vital strength. Develops the power of will. Fights depression and melancholy. Promotes capacity to cope with physical and emotional challenges.   Stimulates preservation. Heightens perseverance. Brings immunity through its struggling  qualities.

Symptoms: convalescence. Sudden panic sensation. Lack of interest towards life. Impotency. Solitude. Lack of appetite. Coward and servant attitude. Apprehension. Frustration. Fear of death. Lack of energy and vitality. AIDS and low immunity. Exhaustion, fatigue. Incapacity to notice one’s own value.

My birth rips the earth bringing the strength of fertility and of life.

© Sandra Epstein

Eloah (Hydrangea macrophylla, Stachytarpheta dichotoma, Passiflora amethystina Paspalum notatum) Keyword: clarity, dialogue.Chakras: first, second, third,
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