Eloah (Hydrangea macrophylla, Stachytarpheta dichotoma, Passiflora amethystina Paspalum notatum)


Keyword: clarity, dialogue.

Chakras: first, second, third, fifth, and sixth.

Benefits: inner dialogue; emotional and mental clarity; vision of the future; organization; praxis; synchronism; focus; profit; objectivity; maximum of available vitality; expanded perception; dignity; awareness of emotional shadows.

Symptoms: difficulty in taking clear attitudes; difficulty in becoming clearly aware of situations; lack of personal dignity; ambivalence; uncertainty.

“Under the protection of my inner temple I completely express my strength”.

© Sandra Epstein

Keywords: vitality, creativity.Benefits: Helps sharing. Liberates and purifies vital blocked passages. Opens up to the flow of sexuality and fertility.
Rudá is made of Oribá, Thin-Á, Ararybá, Bromélia 2, Assa, Moara. KundaliniKeywords: harmony, metabolizing.Benefits: helps metabolize experiences
Soberania is prepared from gold, lapis lazuli – a mineral – and Atlantic Rainforest environmental essenceKey word: self value.Benefits: Works on
Keywords: transformation, consciousness.Benefits: Helps perceive what is necessary for us to work in ourselves in order to evolve. Points toward what
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