Mondviole - Abundance or Greed?

Money Plant / Honesty – Lunaria annua – Mondviole

Americans often find it hard to understand why the Germans do not have a word for abundance. However this somehow reflects how the Germans see the world. People like me, who translate flower essence books into German, have their difficulties to find an appropriate expression for it. However every single word has a hidden catch. E.g. the German ‚Überfluss‘ is alright on the first sight, but is has a second meaning: not necessary, it can even mean waste. Germans – and I have to admit I am one of them – are stuck in polarities of rich and poor. Nobody can be rich without keeping another one poor. We all know that bananas, coffee, cocoa and other goods are only so cheap in Europe, because we do not pay an appropriate price for them, which could make the workers in South America rich. It seems: either them or us. This gives us a bad conscience, but we prefer a bad conscience to expensive bananas. You see: we are stuck in polarities. We think in terms of win and loose.


I tried to make a special abundance essence for years, and perhaps it is not by accident that it was impossible as long as I lived in Germany. So 2005 I succeeded in making one in the Netherlands.

Mondviole is the German name, but other producers already made an essence with Lunaria annua. Kathrin Bateman, maker of Flower Essences of Fox Mountain, has called her one ‚Money Plant‘ and says, it is good for all people who close themselves off riches. Our Dutch colleague Bram Zaalberg calls his essence ‚Judaspenning‘, which has the name Judas in it, reminding us of the well-known betrayer of Jesus, who did it for the money. Although both description seem pretty different I think they both describe exactly the polarities of money and riches. So perhaps Mondviole is about bringing them into a balance. Neither be greedy nor poor.

Anyone who has money problems of whatever kind and reason may like to try Mondviole, which by the way comes in two versions: a red and a white one. The latter seems to increase spiritual wealth, while the red one adresses the material wealth.

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