Awareness Flowers

Awareness Flowers is to help with developing awareness of yourself and in your life.
Anemone has to do with opening and unfolding, the Daffodils for clarity, attunement, enthusiasm and creativity, and Plum for enthusiasm to continue.

On the physical plane Awareness Flowers can help with awakening and awareness, on the mental plane with unfolding, awareness, focus and enthusiasm, and on the spiritual plane with spiritual awareness.

AnemoneDaffodil acteaDaffodilDaffodil

The flowers in Awareness Flowers are Anemone, Daffodil-Actaea, Daffodil-King Alfred, Daffodil-White and Plum.

┬ęDr Wendy Rose Isbell

Trust Flowers has to do with truth and the way you see yourself and present yourself to the world.Double Camellia is for anticipation of change. Primrose
Transformation Flowers has to do with spiritual growth and transformation.All the flowers in the Transformation Flowers are Roses. With Superstar, appearances
Relief Flowers is a combination of five Christchurch Flower Flowerss, and specifically addresses the issues of injury, illness, betrayal, grief and stress.Dog-toothed
Openness Flowers has to do with accepting and opening to your inner self.Magnolia has to do with acceptance of inner depths. Hyacinth is related to grace
Life Path Flowers is to help you with discovering and following your life path.Iris has to do with viewing life from a higher perspective, and Periwinkle
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