Guidance Flowers

Guidance Flowers is to help with receiving guidance, and acting on your intuition.

Star Magnolia has to do with an opening of intuition. Pansy is for rested and balanced energy, and Clematis for flourishing in the present. Cherry Blossom and Star of Bethlehem are for serenity, joy, peace and well-being.

On the physical plane Guidance Flowers may help with restful sleep, on the mental plane with sensitivity and receptivity, and on the spiritual plane with attunement and recieving guidance.

Cherry BlossomClematisMagnolia StarPansyStar of Bethlehem

The flowers in Guidance Flowers are Cherry Blossom, Clematis, Magnolia-Star, Pansy and Star of Bethlehem.

┬ęDr Wendy Rose Isbell

Trust Flowers has to do with truth and the way you see yourself and present yourself to the world.Double Camellia is for anticipation of change. Primrose
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Relief Flowers is a combination of five Christchurch Flower Flowerss, and specifically addresses the issues of injury, illness, betrayal, grief and stress.Dog-toothed
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