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Sacred Ceremony

Fun and Wonderful Party Essence; Perfect for Ceremonies of All Kinds; Stellar and Earthly at the Same Time; Unplanned Jubilation

Ingredients: Anchoring Light (Sobralia Dichotoma), Balance & Stability (Habenaria), Dance (Bougainvilla), Eternal Youth (Epidendrum Ibaguense), One Heart (Epidendrum Cuzcoense), Otter Delight (Giant River Otters), Pure Joy (Orange Blossom), Zania (Zinniasp), Clear Quartz

This Magic Elixir uplifts the spirit as it is stellar and earthly at the same time It‘s a wonderful happy birthday party essence. Also perfect for weddings and ceremonies of all kinds, including full moon and new moon events. It‘s great when everyone takes this essence and plays in the same high frequency. Also enhances dance, Tai Chi, yoga and other forms of movement. Put it in party punches or take the drops directly in the mouth. Excellent in the bath (make your bath a celebration, a ceremony!)

©Star Riparetti

Radiation Solution Elixir of Light; Keeps Frequency Strong and in the Highest Octaves; Balancing and ProtectiveIngredients: Balance and Stability (Habenaria),
Airplanes; Altitude Great for All Forms of Travel, Including Airplane Issues; Strengthens Coping AbilitiesIngredients: Balance & Stability (Habenaria),
Wellness; Purification Immune Boost; Energetically Purify & ProtectIngredients: Balance & Stability (Habenaria), Faith & Courage (Odontoglossum),
Dreams, Visions Assists Choice Making; Live in Love With Life; Discover Your PassionIngredients: Ancient Wisdom (Lycaste Longepetala), Inner Guru (Purple
Safe; Protected; Courageous Protection: Use When Entering Hospitals and Similar Places; Great for Healer and/or ClientIngredients: Balance & Stability
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