Emancipated Master

Addresses Addictions

Helps Change Patterns; Release Cravings Gracefully; Remain Balanced and Strong

Ingredients: Balance & Stability (Habenaria), Emancipation (Tobacco), Freedom/Libertad (Xylobium w/ 24K Gold), Inocencia Coca (Coca), Sublime Chocolate (Cacao) and Emerald

Supports overcoming negative patterns, habits and addictions. Assists one in changing habits and releasing cravings gracefully. Regain your freedom from anything that has power over you. Remain peaceful, balanced and strong. Focus your intention on good health and be liberated.

©Star Riparetti

Radiation Solution Elixir of Light; Keeps Frequency Strong and in the Highest Octaves; Balancing and ProtectiveIngredients: Balance and Stability (Habenaria),
Airplanes; Altitude Great for All Forms of Travel, Including Airplane Issues; Strengthens Coping AbilitiesIngredients: Balance & Stability (Habenaria),
Wellness; Purification Immune Boost; Energetically Purify & ProtectIngredients: Balance & Stability (Habenaria), Faith & Courage (Odontoglossum),
Dreams, Visions Assists Choice Making; Live in Love With Life; Discover Your PassionIngredients: Ancient Wisdom (Lycaste Longepetala), Inner Guru (Purple
Safe; Protected; Courageous Protection: Use When Entering Hospitals and Similar Places; Great for Healer and/or ClientIngredients: Balance & Stability
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