Super Immune

Wellness; Purification

Immune Boost; Energetically Purify & Protect

Ingredients: Balance & Stability (Habenaria), Faith & Courage (Odontoglossum), Freedom/Libertad (Xylobium w/24K Gold), Echinacea Energy (Echinacea), Recharge and Nourish (Urtica Dioica), Wise Body (Sambucas Mexicana), Purification (Muna), Strength & Chi (Fava), Emerald, 3 Corals - (White, Red & Pink), Dark Green Aventurine, Yellow Agate

Strengthens immune system, energetically purifies and protects. At the first sign of a symptom, this essence can activate and strengthen the immune system via the electrical system, allowing the body to concentrate full time on the physical, thus speeding up recovery time dramatically. For prevention, use before entering contagious spaces or when exposed to germs. Also helpful for radiation exposure and protection on any level: diagnostic, therapeutic, accidental or employment-related. Excellent to take before and during a cleanse. It is a valuable adjunct to any therapeutic modality; it will enhance and accelerate your healing. The body says thank you every time you take it!

┬ęStar Riparetti

Radiation Solution Elixir of Light; Keeps Frequency Strong and in the Highest Octaves; Balancing and ProtectiveIngredients: Balance and Stability (Habenaria),
Airplanes; Altitude Great for All Forms of Travel, Including Airplane Issues; Strengthens Coping AbilitiesIngredients: Balance & Stability (Habenaria),
Dreams, Visions Assists Choice Making; Live in Love With Life; Discover Your PassionIngredients: Ancient Wisdom (Lycaste Longepetala), Inner Guru (Purple
Safe; Protected; Courageous Protection: Use When Entering Hospitals and Similar Places; Great for Healer and/or ClientIngredients: Balance & Stability
Love Charm Be the Love That You Desire; Cherish Yourself and Each Other; Great Love PotionIngredients: Freedom/Libertad (Xylobium w/24K Gold), Let Go
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