Travel Solution

Airplanes; Altitude

Great for All Forms of Travel, Including Airplane Issues; Strengthens Coping Abilities

Ingredients: Balance & Stability (Habenaria), Deep Breath (Eucalyptus), Faith & Courage (Odontoglossum), Graceful Shift (Fennel), Inocencia Coca (Coca), Purification (Muna) and Pink Tourmaline

This super balancing essence helps with altitude/motion discomfort and jet lag, assists with flying trepidation and offers protection from electromagnetic radiation in airplanes, airports, (passing through security systems, etc.) Helps with adapting to changes while traveling, strengthens coping abilities. It is helpful to start taking a day or 2 before you leave, and continue during your journey as necessary.

┬ęStar Riparetti

Radiation Solution Elixir of Light; Keeps Frequency Strong and in the Highest Octaves; Balancing and ProtectiveIngredients: Balance and Stability (Habenaria),
Wellness; Purification Immune Boost; Energetically Purify & ProtectIngredients: Balance & Stability (Habenaria), Faith & Courage (Odontoglossum),
Dreams, Visions Assists Choice Making; Live in Love With Life; Discover Your PassionIngredients: Ancient Wisdom (Lycaste Longepetala), Inner Guru (Purple
Safe; Protected; Courageous Protection: Use When Entering Hospitals and Similar Places; Great for Healer and/or ClientIngredients: Balance & Stability
Love Charm Be the Love That You Desire; Cherish Yourself and Each Other; Great Love PotionIngredients: Freedom/Libertad (Xylobium w/24K Gold), Let Go
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