Bindweed Trio - the self-liberation trio

The bindweeds twist, they do not grow straight, but in curves and are dependent on an external support, a branch, a railing, a grid. On their own, they stay on the ground. This signature suggests that authenticity can be more important than ascension, since the flowers on the ground are no less beautiful than those striving for the sun.

The Bindweed Trio gives us a tool to free us from our inner mental and emotional support wheels, which are only a symbol of our insecurity and lack of independence. If you want to be free, you have to let go. That can scare you. Helping to overcome this is the foremost task of these three flowers.

Field Bindweed - Convolvulus arvensis

Field Bindweed is a flower essence for anyone who clings to what they already know. As habitual people, they follow what they consider necessary because they feel comfortable with the familiar.

The other side of the coin, however, is often an unconscious fear of the new, the unknown, the unfamiliar, which they would rather deny than consider. They avoid challenges, only move around in the circle of acquaintances, thus renouncing the possibility of gaining new experiences, learning and outgrowing oneself.

They settle for what they have and know and miss many opportunities for joy and adventure and growth.

Field Bindweed is a flower essence that helps develop your own potential. It shows what would be possible if you only looked outside the box once, overcame your fears and concerns and dared to take the step to liberation. Change is a good thing. You just have to allow it.

Rigidity and stagnation were yesterday. With Field Bindweed you develop agility, vitality and an adventurous spirit.

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