Bindweed Trio - the self-liberation trio


Hedge Bindweed - Calystegia sepium

Hedge Bindweed is a flower essence for addicts. It does not matter what someone is dependent on. From a partner, chocolate or jogging, the past or one’s victim role. There are plenty of opportunities to renounce your own independence - although not aware - if only a reward beckons, of which you believe not being able to do without them.

Hedge Bindweed is the flower of freedom of decision. It’s about not making decisions on the basis of what you can not stop doing, but striving for what brings you further, is good for you, and heals you inwardly.
Hedge Bindweed makes the mental possibility of a new beginning arise first, counteracts old convictions, and then brings strength to endure such a process and come to a successful conclusion.

The flower essence of Hedge Bindweed stands for the light at the end of the tunnel,a special one that you can turn on yourself. No matter what you are suffering of, do not despair, give up and vegetate without perspective, but find courage, hope and confidence with the help of Hedge Bindweed and become strong enough to cope with your misery and step out of it.

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