Thistle-Trio - The Teamwork-Trio

The thistles and their essences

The thistle was a symbol of original sin for a long time, because it is said that God cursed the soil as a punishment, so that there should only grow thorns and thistles. It was claimed by Christians, that so far in the world (read: in Paradise) have not been any thistles. On the other hand, the thistle was a holy plant in Scotland in pre-Christian times, where it is the official symbol today. Among the Romans it was the idea that the thistle influences the sex of the unborn life in the womb of pregnant women - to become male. A medieval legend tells that Charlemagne sought a remedy for the Great Plague and for this purpose shot an arrow. Where it landed, the remedy should be found - it was a thistle. It is to be feared that the effect was not what he expected.


Creeping Thistle - Cirsium arvense

Clarify ambiguities
Thistle promotes the willingness to develop yourself in spite of adverse circumstances. Its essence helps to defend yourself, allows the assertion of one‘s own position in groups and crowds and can eventually provide adjustment without self-denial.
Thistle helps with strengthening one‘s own existence. It can be used as supporter in open as well as hidden conflicts, such as being attacked by seemingly unprovoked aggression by colleagues, friends and family members. The essence balances the interests of the self and the group. Adaptability and willingness to compromise are a sign of strength rather than of self-denial.

Creeping Thistle

This is the flower for all group activities. When the group‘s task is really a difficult one, it is worth the effort to use Thistle in an oil burner at the start of the event. If the dispute has broken out once, there is always someone who feels manipulated by the application of a flower essence. Then it usually is too late. However hardly anybody says no to a welcome with a prickly but nevertheless beautiful flower.
A flower essence to enhance corporate feeling, community and group success.

Globe Thistle - Echinops spaerocephalus

Acceptance of others
This essence helps with fear of unknown people by making you understand that unknown is not the same as threatening.
Caution is a good counselor, but rarely fear.


Globe thistle helps to see the other side of a matter and to understand the views of others but also what you have in common. It encourages to adapt to new circumstances, countries, people and rituals, different time zones and other manners. It replaces fear by flexibility.

Spear Thistle - Cirsium vulgare

Accepting yourself makes disturbances in groups unnecessary. Only if one has doubts about himself, criticism strikes at the core. If you are self-assured, you can check criticism and accept or reject it, without falling into an emotional crisis. Spear Thistle heals abuse of trust and takes the fear of being betrayed again, without having to undertake helpless attempts of an aggressive defense.


In terms of a group essence Spear Thistle helps you to recognize the value of all contributions - regardless of size.

Thistle trio

Combination of the three described Thistle essences.
Promotes self-esteem in individuals and groups, tolerance and acceptance, solidarity and mutual support.
The individual counts. Also in the group. Especially in the supportive group.

©Dirk Albrodt

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