Artemisia-Trio - The Truth Trio

In Greek mythology Artemis was the goddess of the hunt, moon, forest, and the guardian of women and children. She was assigned to a silver bow and arrow, the symbol of the crescent moon. Her plants are wormwood and cypress.
Artemis, the virgin huntress, who is sometimes equated with the witch goddess Hecate. Both are seen as goddess of the underworld. As a hunter and warrior Artemis is a fighter for human rights. She advocates the quiet and the weak, oppressed and raped. At the birth of her twin brother Apollo, she as first-born did already help her mother, which made her in the Greek mythology, the goddess of midwives, pregnant women and children.
Plants that bear her name are associated with the forces of the moon and the underworld or in other words: the dreamworld.



consists of these three Artemis essences

Mugwort - Artemisia vulgaris
Mugwort creates confidence in the ‚dark‘ side of life that is not controlled by the mind, eg the physiological processes in the body, one‘s own feelings, intuition, inner voice. Whenever we do not get on with rational analysis and it would be easier to trust the natural flow of life, but we are locked inside, Mugwort helps us to adapt to our natural state of confidence and joy in harmony with all living things.


Mugwort helps to orient yourself in unfamiliar territory, just like the moon and hunting goddess Artemis relied on the night, her instincts and intuition. She broke new ground and enriched her life with the newly gained information. Her essence helps with dreams and their conscious perception, which can reach out beyond our senses.

Wormwood - Artemisia absinthium
Wormwood helps to learn to know and understand yourself better. It supports authenticity.
This essence opens your eyes: for yourself and your public image. Often we do not understand why we meet with disapproval. We behave in a way that causes others‘ distrust and resistance. How we act and how we actually appear, are two separate issues. Good intentions do not guarantee good results.
We have become so accustomed to role we play in public that we sometimes do not noticethat our mask pinches. Our smile may be interpreted as a snarl. Our kindness may look sneaky.


Self-acceptance can lead to being able to appear more open, honest and authentic - without the deep split between actually existing emotion and forced appearance.
Sagebrush helps us to be real, credible and convincing. This way we can easily be accepted by others. Its essence gives us the courage to take off the mask and say yes to ourselves. This flower essence brings us into alignment with our true selves.

American Mugwort - Artemisia douglasiana
Access your own soul, the unconscious, your inner life. American Mugwort is useful if you‘re overanxious and fear not to be yourself. One is inclined to hysterical reactions and projections and can not find the inner compass. American Mugwort helps to raise the awareness of dreams and of the goal of life. It can open the door to spiritual realms.

American Wormwood

Artemisia Trio
Brings you back home to yourself, whether you are awake or sleeping. First it lets you dream of who you really, then live this dream.

©Dirk Albrodt

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