Sunflower-Trio - The Power-Trio

The „Gold of the Incas“ has been an invaluable tool in the flower essence treatment for three decades. Sunflower essence is one of the most commonly used essences in the world. It serves to recharge the internal batteries with Yang energy, self-confidence, assertiveness and honesty.


The Trio however goes one step further. It consists of:

Sunflower - Helianthus annuus
Sunflower is a symbol of mature individuality, personal power and charisma. The essence strengthens the personality, the forces of the ego and the spine. It brings the energy of the Yang-assertiveness and serves as a male counterpart, the flower essence of Pomegranate.


In the first place Sunflower is suitable for men who have not developed their masculinity in a way they wanted it themselves in the course of their lives. Perhaps this is due to a lack of male orientation, because the father was missing in the family.

This flower essence promotes the appreciation of masculine energy, which is a prerequisite in the development of the inner male, and this applies to both men and women. Conflicts with men or masculinity may thus be an indication of a promotion worthy inner potential, which reacts grateful to Sunflower.

Sunflower essence strengthens the personality, can thus be added to each combination. It teaches to stand upright in the literal and figurative sense, and is therefore one of the most important flower in the treatment of postural problems and back pain.

Sunflower Germ

Sunflower Germ - Helianthus annuus
No flowers, but the essence of freshly germinated Sunflower seeds. The energy of the beginning and the future.

You can work up for energy you lost in the past, as well as prepare yourself for future events. Sunflower is the essence of the „I dare“. It gives stability. The roots, however, can be stabilized with Sunflower Germ essence.

Sunflower Germ

Lack of support or chronic illness in childhood leave traces of social incompetence, self-aggrandizement, or feelings of inferiority. The germ essence renews the access to solar energy, brings the developing ego into balance and the basic potential of the personality to light.

Both are already a strong team, but there is another partner:

Sunflower Pollen

Sunflower-Pollen - Helianthus annuus
This is an essence that brings the magnetism and charisma to life. Pollen energy is particularly suitable for energy supply and distribution of Yang energy. Hence this is the essence of the governor meridian, which runs just above the spine.

Sunflower Pollen

Now we have the pure energy of the sunflower flower essence, combined with the essence, which gives access to the original self and the primal energy, and the one that can release  blockages in the uptake and distribution of energy.


Sunflower Trio brings out the best in us to light.

©Dirk Albrodt

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