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Three Apple Blossoms

Apple - Malus domestica - Malus sylvestris
The apple tree belongs to the plant family of the roses. It is a small sized tree of 10 - 15 m height. His silhouette reminds of the shape of his fruits. The common apple tree can be found in almost every garden in Europe, he is very popular and loves central Europe‘s moderate climate. Temperatures below zero however destroy the blossoms. The fruit can be harvested between August and October.


In human history apples have always plaid an important symbolical role in legends, fairy tales (e.g. as poisoned apple in Snowhite), religion (see Martin Luther‘s message of planting an apple tree, even if the world ended tomorrow) and politics (as orb). In the Celtic tree oracle the apple tree is associated to the days from the 23rd December to the 1st
January and from the 25th June to the 4th July. The Healing Plants Horoscope says the 31st December is the birthdate of ‚apple-people‘.

Apples have been used as food since the earliest days of mankind. Archaeologists found and examined leftovers from the stoneage, which point on the fact that the apple served already at that time for the nutrition of humans. However this was the wooden crab apple.

Romans refined European apple trees by using related species from Asia and developed hundreds of delicious sorts, a variety, which unfortunately shrank to only a couple of sorts today due to capitalist market mechanisms and standardisation madness of Bruxelles‘ bureaucrats.

In the naturopathy new cider or even apple wine is used for cleansing and strengthening the entire organism. Both are appetizing and supporting the digestion as well. Vitamin C offers protection from infections, other indications are: coughs and hoarseness, fever, renal and biliary calculusses and gout. They all can be treated with roasted apples slices, apple juice or tea. I know of an English recipe using slightly boiled apples spiced with lemon juice and sugar as medicinal draught for feverish patients.

Old folklore says the apple tree is under the special protection of the Gods, since it is not striken by lightning and thunder. Once the heroes enter the Walhalla they are given an apple first, which is to guarantee them eternal beauty, strength and youth.

Idun and the apples
Idun and her apples

The Celts regarded the apple as fruit of immortality, eating apples guaranteed eternal youth and health. In the Germanic mythology there is a Goddess called Idun. She is the keeper of quite special apples, which are only available for the Gods keeping them eternally young. Once the Goddess of eternal youth was kidnapped into the underworld (Do you see the analogy to the kidnapping of Goddess Persephone in ancient Greece? It seems to be an archetypal legend with deeper meaning), all the Gods were scared to become senile. It was simply a must to free Idun in order to benefit again from her rejuvenating fruits. Beyond that apples  were considered by Celtic druids as fruits of higher knowledge and perception. Not too long ago, perhaps less than 100 years, families used to plant an apple tree for every new born child (in some parts of Germany they planted pear trees for girls and apple trees for boys) as a personal tree of life. The children learned to take over responsibility for ‚their‘ tree, so caring for a tree became part of growing up. The people used the tree as a kind of oracle: the bigger and healthier the tree the better the child‘s fortune. Today only few keep this custom alive. Too sad.

On the other hand the apple is also known as apple of discord: When King Peleus from ancient Greece invited all the Gods and Goddesses to his wedding with the Goddess of the sea Thetis the Goddedd of discord came there, too. And she did, what she must do: she threw a golden apple labelled ‚for the most beautiful one‘ into the crowd and immediately the biggest quarrel took its course, since every Goddess claimed on it. When at last Aphrodite (who else?) got it, it was all too late. Hatred and jealousy was spread and caused large damage, e.g. the fall of Trojas. So much about the role the apple plays in the field of beauty and vanity.

A good fortune however is to be expected for all women, who are willing to marry in case they succeed in peeling an apple in one cord. They are supposed to find their husband within one year. The apple symbolizes wholeness, perfection, beauty and energy. Fertility is another issue associated to the apple, since it was said that in the year following a rich harvest of apples many boys will be born, while a rich pear harvest suggested girl births.


The 3 Apple Essences

In fact we really have three of them:
Apple (Malus domestica), Crab Apple (Malus sylvestris), Wild Apple (Malus
Unfortunately Crab Apple is going to die out, there are only few of them left in Germany. The Wild Apple is often mistaken for Crab Apple, however they are not identical. Anyway one can often find photographs of Wild Apple blossoms in flower essence books claiming to show Crab Apple. Wild Apple tree actually develop from seeds of common apples.

All Apples essences have a strong impact on the physical body:

Apple brings energy, lightness and make onself feel good not just in one‘s body but as a body. This essence is often used at the end of a pregnancy, when the women feel heavy and exhausted. Apple improves the circulation system and drains the body. Apple inspires to move, enjoy one‘s body and
stimulates the immune system. It can be used to adapt to changes in the hormone system, e.g. in the beginning and after a pregnancy, in puberty and so on.

Crab Apple
Crab Apple

Crab Apple helps to accept the body, when one feels ugly and awkward. Such people often regard the material body as inferior to mind and soul. They do not feel well and often they suffer from skin problems. It is typical for them to develop pedantical behaviour patterns and excessive cleanliness. Crab Apple helps to love oneself. It can be used in the treatment of allergics, who fight even harmless substances like pollen or food, in bad cases even themselves, respectively their own protein.

Wild Apple
Wild Apple

Wild Apple at last is for old people, who are tired of life and feel the forces moving, be it because of an illness or just because of becoming older. Just like Apple Wild Apple also drains, lightend and makes moving easier. But what is more important: Wild Apple changes the focus from the suffering to how much beauty is still available. Old people do not need to climb Mount Everest, but they can enjoy their grandchildren climbing their knees. There is still so much joy available for old people, Wild Apple enables them to recognize all of it. Loving life removes wrinkles, believe me.

All three Apple essences can be used internally as well as in creams.

©Dirk Albrodt

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