Willowherb-Trio - The Salvation-Trio

If life played pranks on you and you have not gotten any chance to develop your talents and energies, to contribute to a meaningful social interaction and to enjoy being here on Earth, you can compensate by coping strategies of all sorts of behaviour patterns. But you are marked for life.
Only a cure at the base can ensure that you still can become the one that you is destined to be. Were the spiritual basis of life is destroyed, it needs gentleness, perseverance and determination, if you want to help people back on their feet. This is the task for

Willowherb Trio - Weidenröschen-Trio - The salvation -Trio

For the fearful, beaten and oppressed, whose happiness was destroyed by trauma and injuries and defeats. It helps to overcome the past and conquer new life.

Willowrose Trio

Consists of Amble Willowrose, Little Willowrose and Willowrose

Small Willowherb (Epilobium parviflorum)

Small Willowherb is for the people who tend to hide themselves in the shadows. Usually the reason can be found in a sense of inadequacy and fear of being exposed. The essence helps to relieve their lack of self-confidence and to enable them to accept happiness and success.

Small Willowrose

Willowherb (Epilobium angustifolium)

Willowherb provides the energy you need in times of transformation, eg when the conscious mental development is in conflict with the unconscious physical one. It can be used when the child develops its  autonomy, wants to become independent from its parents and choses „no“ as its favorite word‚ as well as in puberty, menopause and transition into retirement.


The essence can be used whenever someone breaks new ground and feels insecure, scared and even traumatized. It helps to get grounded and gives strength. Willowherb dissolves fear and creates room for love - a typical situation for this could be caused by over strong yang energy that was forced aggressively to you eg by rape. The result is always fear, hurt and destruction of (mostly) female self-worth, which makes it impossible to accept love in the future. Willowherb cures the injuries of women.

Amble Willowherb (Epilobium hirsutum)

This flower essence is indicated for injuries in childhood and/or for children on who too much responsibility was imposed, eg when a parent was missing and the child was expected to replace him or her.

Amble Willowrose

If a child loses its lightheartedness by a single trauma or repetitive strain, it often builds a wall around itself, which has to keep away further attacks. They remain powerless, wounded and develop a victim mentality and a high potential for addiction. The childhood, which also means vulnerability, stays outside the wall and out of reach. Amble Willowherb helps to exceed your own limits, to open up again and become capable of having healthy relationships.

All three Willowherb flower essences work together on a very deep level, where they help to overcome past suffering, without forgetting it. Before the body can heal, the soul needs to be healed and that is what makes this combination so powerful. This trio is of supportive assistance in psychotherapy, counseling and challenging or life-threatening and debilitating diseases.

©Dirk Albrodt

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