Mallow-Trio - The Friendship-Trio

Gets you out of the loneliness, be it personal, social or spiritual, takes the fear away and makes making contact easy. Contains Mallow, Pink Muskmallow and White Muskmallow.



consists of these ingredients:

Common Mallow - Malva sylvestris

Mallow helps elusive and shy people to be more open. It helps to overcome loneliness and lack of contact. You get new courage to break down barriers between yourself and others. The more comfortable you feel in the company of others, the less embarrassment you feel. Mallow creates room for trust. It opens the heart, so that love and warmth can flow, and makes it joyful to make new friends and society.

Common Mallow

Pink Musk-Mallow - Malva moschata

Pink Musk-Mallow is indicated for cautious, closed and vulnerable people. For fear of disapproval and rejection, they tend to withdraw and choose isolation instead of the dangerous proximity to others. Actually they decline themselves and expect nothing less from others.

Pink Musk-Mallow

This essence helps to accept yourself and others with all the little quirks, faults and weaknesses - not to forget the good things - and make new contact to the world. It strengthens the self-esteem, opens the heart and lets you accept praise and love. This flower teaches to feel good in society, so enjoy it.

White Musk-Mallow - Malva moschata

White Musk-Mallow is ideal for people who have lost their purpose and desperately search for a spiritual home. It‘s more of a spiritual quest than one for an existing place where they could feel comfortable. They may have been disappointed by life, or injured, have lost confidence and feel completely alone inside. White Musk-Mallow supports the view inside, it rivets on the higher self, the inner guide, whatever you want to call it, what should give you spiritual security in the world. The essence brings you to yourself, gives insight and joy. No one is ever alone, that is what everybody needs to know. The ones, who would benefit from this knowledge, can get powerful assistance by this essence, it gives them new zest for life.

White Musk-Mallow


The floweressences that dispel the loneliness on a personal, familial, social and spiritual level.

©Dirk Albrodt

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