Poppy-Trio - The Self-Discovery Trio

Find yourself, find love, make the right decision, get back on the right path and stay true to your heart.


consists of California Poppy, Corn Poppy and Red Poppy


California Poppy - Escholtzia californica

California poppy is for the uprooted, for the ones whose body-mind-spirit unit is broken apart, who are nervous, sleepless, restless. Typical are difficulties to grasp the reality, which is evident in hearing and vision, typical diseases are nervous disorders.
The loss of inner balance can lead just to a fidgety search for insight and security on the outside. Many are searching for help and/or insight by trying drugs, religion or gurus. The outside world has a lot to offer for a restless seeker: drugs, religion, psychic techniques, fascinating things of great charm. Everyday life is boring and unsatisfying, the special is charming.

California Poppy

It is a goal of all people to discover the wonder, the inexplicable, the end of the rainbow. This gives life meaning. While the majority howeve finds it in love with another person, in the fascination of watching a child growing up, in making music, or meditating, praying or dreaming, some are still missing the color in life. If they lose their footing and purpose California Poppy can help them back on track.

The essence allows you to benefit even from the confusion. If I do not know where to go, any way is the right and all options are open to you. You are not burdened by expectations and blocks, but may become what you‘ve always wanted to be. And for most people this means: simply happy.

Klatschmohn - Papaver rhoeas

Corn Poppy strengthens the female parts of the personality - the „inner woman“ as they are sometimes called. It grounds and strengthens you when you feel too vulnerable. It does not make the vulnerability disappear, but helps to accept it as part of the personality and  as a source of strength.

The essence helps those who have isolated themselves from the world and others for any reason. It enables petrified personalities to be active again and full of life. You can use it for people who lack vitality.

Corn Poppy

Corn Poppy strengthens the heart‘s power, the ability to love, the radiation of warmth and love. It grounds, energizes and revitalizes. It teaches us how to love again.

Roter Mohn - Papaver somniferum

The use of Red Poppy in its material form clouds our senses. It has long history of been used as a narcotic drug. Its essence however works in the opposite way: it clears the senses and enhances the perception. The essence is directly related to the heart.

Red Poppy brings the visionary and sexual energies to the heart where they can unite. They are probably two of the strongest motivators in human evolution. When we want to make our decisions not only for the pure love and not from an illusionary perspective, but carry into effect what we really care for, then we can let us be guided by Red Poppy.

Red Poppy

It helps to bring body and soul in balance in a stressful environment where everything is rapidly changing. When we feel we cannot cope with overwhelming influences around us it may be time to turn to the center, find harmony, peace and inner strength that will help us with everything that challenges ourselves and our nervous system. It is Red Poppy essences that can brings us the appropriate vibration.


This trio essence combines all three poppy energies: find yourself, find love, make the right decisions, find the right way and stay true to your heart.

©Dirk Albrodt

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