Nettle-Trio - The Arrangement Trio

Improves orientation and focus on the inner personal relationship level with Red Deadnettle, on the social level with White Deadnettle and on the spiritual level with Yellow Archangel.



consists of:

  • Yellow Archangel - Lamium galeobdolon
  • Red Deadnettle – Lamium purpureum
  • White Deadnettle – Lamium Album

Red Deadnettle – Lamium purpureum

Red Deadnettle makes you want to clean up.
It‘s about the inner structure, a structure of thinking and behavior, seeing through the chaos and understand what steps are necessary to overcome it.

Red Deadnettle

The essence is about knowledge and insight, you can see solutions where previously the many trees disguised the forest. But that‘s not all: it motivates to manifest the solution. It‘s a pleasure to set your affairs in order, it clarifies the situation, it creates inner satisfaction and it‘s easy, if you have the support of this essence.

It has a grounding effect, stabilizes and gives you the necessary energy and vitality, that enables you to act. You learn to take care of everything for your own good as well as that of others. Red Deadnettle promotes the internal order, the understanding of relationships and clears complicated affairs.

White Deadnettle – Lamium album

White Deadnettle works in some way on the socia order. While the red variant helps to heal relations on a horizontal plane, that is between equal humans, the white one encourages to understand the hierarchical order. White Deadnettle is for people with a pronounced sense of superiority. They find it natural and obvious that they determine and others follow. Their perspective is egocentric, their claim power beyond measure.

White Deadnettle

This is a spiritual essence, it helps to see the value of service. It teaches not to appraise people according to what they owe, but to what they are. Serving can be meditation or worship. This flower essence encourages real humanity and mutual respect, support and understanding. You can still be the boss, the director, the team leader - but you can let go of the proud, inner tyrant.

Yellow Archangel - Lamium galeobdolon

The essence of Yellow Archangel brings you one step further: it gives you access to a place within where you can see everything in a non-judgemental way, from where you can gain deep insight. Yellow Archangel encourages to accept people and things as they are, it helps to let go the desire to manipulate everyone and everything to what you like them to be.

Yellow Archangel

This essence is for people who seek guidance on their spiritual path. It helps to see the good in the bad and accept the failure of goodness full of inner peace and serenity. Such people can live in peace with themselves and their environment.

All three nettles together help with the orientation and alignment of the personal relationship level, the social and spiritual level.

©Dirk Albrodt

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