Yarrow-Trio - The Protection-Trio

Complete protection with Yarrow on the energetic, emotional and social level. Helps to prepare for challenging situations. Protection and stability at the same time.



  •     Yellow Yarrow - Achillea filipendulina
  •     Pink Yarrow - Achillea millefolium
  •     White Yarrow - Achillea millefolium


Yellow Yarrow - Achillea filipendulina

The flower of stability and openness
All three yarrow essences are protective, but they differ in the way they protect you. Yellow Yarrow helps to build healthy social boundaries, it enables to stay open to others while being yourself. The flower brings internal stability, which others can not bring out off balance.

Yellow Yarrow

Hypersensitivity to the environment can lead to social isolation. People with such problems tend to either be remove themselves from the community or to use tools such as drugs or masks that are meant to provide a shelter.
Yellow Yarrow brings emotional protection in vulnerable times.

Pink Yarrow - Achillea millefolium

The flower of emotional protection.
Pink Yarrow is particularly suitable for people who have always been drawn to situations in which they can be brought off balance easily. They are unstable, insecure and emotional. Apparently against their will they take on moods, atmospheres and emotions from their surroundings and feel miserable afterwards, because the people around them feel bad, not because they themselves are in trouble or sick.

Pink Yarrow

Pink Yarrow strengthens very sensitive people who find it difficult to distance themselves from vibrations, get abdominal pain when others argue, always cry in the cinema and sometimes feel the disharmony even before the occurrence takes place.

This flower helps to rest the mind after work. It also relieves deeply sad moods as they sometimes occur without a cause in women after birth. Protects against stomach problems and generally helps with the self-defense.
Pink Yarrow brings emotional security, if you tend to get upset by own or someone else‘s  sufferingt. It teaches them to go situations out of the way that have nothing to do with themselves.

White Yarrow - Achillea millefolium

The protection flower
White Yarrow heals emotional wounds and even protects against (energetic) injury when you take it precautionary. This flower forms a protective coat of white light around you shields from external influences. Therefore, it is of particular value in times of change, chaos, aggression. You can bounce off everything, be safe in turbulent times and gain inner strength.


White Yarrow protects our Achilles‘ heel, that is our weak spot. Therefore, it is particularly suitable for topical application to areas of the body that won‘t heal, where we hurt ourselves again and again or where eczema arise in times of stress .
White Yarrow taken precautionary alleviates the effects of sometimes medically necessary X-ray radiation, and protects in places where we are subjected to particularly severe smog. Useful for computer workers

White Yarrow teaches protect yourself, you gain safety and security despite adverse conditions, helps to shield yourself from stress and to persevere in times of change.


White Yarrow teaches protect yourself, you gain safety and security despite adverse conditions, helps to shield yourself from stress and to persevere in times of change. Pink Yarrow helps very sensitive people, who can easily be influenced by feelings of others. Yellow Yarrow prevents the flight inward and keeps you in the here and now.

The Yarrow Trio offers the all-round protection of three different yarrow energies. Its use is especially helpful when you prepare for certain events, such as an examin or a surgery or ant fundamental change in life. They protect and stabilize at the same time.

©Dirk Albrodt

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