Willow Trio - The Peace-Trio

This is a combination of the flower essences

  • Crack Willow - Salix fragilis
  • Sallow - Salix caprea
  • Willow - Salix vitellina



Willow - Salix vitellina

Willow works on bitterness and resentment. Hopelessness, despair, self-doubt and the feeling of being a total loser are often the result of a number of setbacks and failures one has to cope with. Repetition of failure and frustration leads to disappointment, powerlessness as well as anger. These emotions can make a nice person a cynic who knows only one mode of reaction: complaining. There is an anger that piles up slowly, which will become anger at fate, the others, oneself and without any possibility of discharge, since complaining does not change anything.

Willow personalities are forever dissatisfied. Their only emotional expression is lamenting. That however adds alienation from others, isolation and loneliness to all the evil that they have been experiencing, which confirms the belief of being beaten by fate. A spiral that leads down steadily.


Willow can help to break out of this spiral. It is the flower for chronic pain of any kind and cause. You can not make the things from the past undone, but you can stop them from taking such a disastrous effect.
Willow helps to clean up old stories, say goodbye to them and ship them to the dustbin of one‘s own biography. Sometimes you have to destroy the old befoe you can build up something new. This also applies to convictions and self-images. That‘s not easy, but there is Willow, a helpful volunteer.

Crack Willow - Salix fragilis

Crack Willow allows you to let things go, especially your own stubbornness. It is usefull when persistence changes to stubbornness.
You have been banging your head against the wall a thousand times , not at all without injury, but the only consequence that you pulled out of it was to run faster and with more impetus against the same wall. Jumping over it, digging under it, looking for any existing door, running in a completely different direction, however, is not considered.
Just like the Willow personality banned anything except pain out of the consciousness, so does the Crack Willow type exclude any other option than trying to go through the wall.

Crack Willow

The essence helps to make a break, to rest, to broaden the perspective and the ability to obtain appropriate advice and try out alternative ways of acting.

Sallow - Salix caprea

Sallow is the third essence that soothes rigidity and tension. In this case it is not located in joints or in the neck but in the solar plexus, as that great nerve center that is responsible for switching between activity and passivity.
This essence may even be the most effective one, when it comes to letting go. Like all willows, it‘s about letting go of experiences, failures, all of the whole stuff that we carry around with us without the slightest use.


Let‘s throw the dead freight off! Even if it seems impossible, we have three powerful tree essences putting their forces together to help you.

Willow Trio

transforms anger and accusation mentality in mental agility, resourcefulness and ability to handle conflicts. The power wasted in senseless anger can be used for positive purposes now.

©Dirk Albrodt

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