Cherry-Trio - The Cheerfulness Trio

The cheerfulness trio. Brings serenity and joyful handling of challenges. Helps to cope with conflicts with charm and humor while remaining entirely yourself.



  • Cherry - Kirsche
  • Cherry Plum - Kirschpflaume
  • Bird Cherry - Traubenkirsche


Cherry - Prunus avium

Cherry is for people who live a head-oriented and dominated life. People who base their actions solely on the criteria of reason and thus lose contact with the other aspects of life. If the enthusiasm is lost, you only live in your head and the original fun is no longer available. Perhaps you feel that cheerful childishness is silly and not appropriate for adult humans - but without it life has lost its sparkle.
Cherry is the flower of lovers, it opens the heart and makes you feel it again. It brings the tingle back to life, teaches to laugh and cope with the ‚gray‘ days with a light heart. Enjoy life with all senses, your existence in the here and now without judging.


Useful when you have resigned internally and believe you will never fall in love again, never again can find a partner. When your body feels numb, there is tension in the neck and solar plexus area, headaches and/or vision problems, Cherry might be the essence of choice.

Cherry Plum - Prunus cerasifera

How do you feel when you need Cherry Plum? Dreadful!
The nerves strained to the breaking of the highest excitement, you believe not being able to stand it. It is unbearable. There must be something you can do to stop it, no matter what. You could hammer your head against the wall, jump out the window, do something completely insane, maybe even kill someone ...?

Cherry Plum

You are so outraged that you no longer trust yourselfs and fear you could do something that you would regret later. Fear of losing control, to get frantic or mad. It‘s gonna take a very strong force, to bring you back into balance, to regain ground under your feet and get your inner strength back. If your feelings threaten to overwhelm you and you have lost confidence in your inner impulses, it is time for a dose of Cherry Plum. It will bring back confidence in your internal guidance and thus the inner peace.

Bird Cherry - Prunus padus

Conflicts are part of human existence, we have to live with them, anytime, anywhere. How much misery is caused by the inability to adequately deal with conflicts? However struggling and quarreling means nothing other than conflict of interests. Trivial, unexceptional and inevitable, as soon as two people have to deal with each other.

Bird Cherry teaches to be flexible and open minded. It helps to accept the fact that someone else has a different opinion than I do, that he prioritizes and seeks other goals. Being different is normal. That is what makes life so exciting. This essence gets you out of the polarity, it takes your fear of strangers as well as your own aggression, because it is normal and commonplace to be aggressive, too.

Bird Cherry

Bird Cherry helps you learn to listen to others and express yourself in a way that the other does not become maneuvered into a defensive position immediately. Arguing is a normal thing. But reconciling is normal, too. It is wonderful to be able to do both. Bird Cherry can be a good teacher in this field.


Don‘t worry, be happy!

©Dirk Albrodt

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