Maple Trio - The Lightness Trio

The trio of release, fall and be caught.

The trio that makes it easy to let go, to get free and let yourself fall, to surrender without getting lost.

It consists of

  • Maple Bud - Acer pseudoplatanus
  • Sycamore Maple - Acer pseudoplatanus
  • Field Maple - Acer campestre

Maple Trio

Maple Bud - Acer pseudoplatanus

The essence of the bud of the Sycamore tree operates on the energy field. It makes the energy flow again, dissolves blockages, corrects deficiencies and is suitable for use as soon as the first sign of stress appears. Often emotional stresses leads to cramping of the muscles, which in turn affects the flow of energy. When the tension of the muscles is dissolved, the energy blockade however may remain. In such a case it is advisable to use a cleansing energy such as Maple Bud. Scarring can also result in an impairment or interruption of the flow of energy. Scar tissue is not a functional tissue but repair tissue. Maple Bud brings everything in the body in motion, relaxes hardened structures and helps to feel free and alive.

Maple Bud

Sycamore - Acer pseudoplatanus

Sometimes you succeed at the very moment in which you stop to work hard. The strong will to achieve something seems to stand in the your way. In such cases the Sycamore tree can be the ideal assistant. It offers us an essence that one takes the inner pressure to succeed. The serene attitude that it can give, makes things happen by themselves. Sycamore can change what is in your own sphere of influence, and to accept what can not be changed.
As an emergency essence it creates the feeling to be caught when you think your life is crashing.


Field Maple - Acer campestre

Release what burdens the heart. The old stuff and the new, that is what you long for, too. Go your way lighthearted , seize the opportunities that present themselves to you, and make the best of it.

Field Maple


Stay yourself, when letting go, experience light heartedness and devotion

©Dirk Albrodt

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