Berry Trio - The Fearlessness Trio

Allows growing up and taking responsibility for yourself.

Consists of

  • Jostaberry - Ribes × nidigrolaria
  • Black currant - Ribes nigrum
  • Gooseberry - Ribes uva-crispa


Black currant

Helps with deep-seated fear of identity crises and identity change. Letting go is experienced as self-sacrifice, a sense of being destoyed comes up, there is a great fear of loss of livelihood and loss of self. This means that a lot of energy is expended for the maintenance of the status quo. Energy that is lost from life, leading to more anxiety and thus to further loss of energy.

Everything we know or believe to know about ourselves, however, is only a mental construct. It helps us to focus, but can also in be cementing established structures. The truth in contrast is constantly changing and we have to go with the flow of change if we do not want to be stuck in outdated patterns.

If you cannot find the cause of the fear in your biography, Black Currant opens to deeper insight and lets you catch a glimpse of your true identity that may have remained hidden by fear.

Black Currant


Improves breathing, when you feel deep-seated fear. It helps to stay in balance and yourself even if you feel like someone squeezes the breath out of you. You can remain open and face the situation.



Speaking and acting in balance and congruent, dreams and reality in line - these are the goals that Jostaberry helps you to achieve.


Berry Trio

Overcome fear, resist intimidation, accept challenges, be authentic, access your energy and do your best to reach the goals your heart desires.

©Dirk Albrodt

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