Protection from energetic side effects of vaccination

Which parents do not want the best for their children? But which parents bear the pressure of the doctors when they pus the „irresponsible-button“ ? Uninformed and at the same time troubled by a bad conscience many choose for vaccination. Vaccination-Protection vaccination provides protection against the energetic side-effects of vaccination .
Can be used three days before and after vaccination, as well as for treatment of vaccination scars.

In general you will be infected by one microorganism, which triggers the immune response. It is a very rare exception that someone being infected with measles and mumps e.g. In most cases an infection with measles does protect you from another virusinfection. Vaccinations, however, confront the organism with a variety infections which is a major burden for body and soul.

To ensure the best protection you start taking the essence internally three days before the vaccination and end it three days later, so you use the combination for exactly one week. After the vaccination you can massage the injection point for three days every morning and evening with 1 - 2 drops for a minute or two. In case the vaccination, that blocks e.g. the flow of energy in a meridian, took place in the past treatment may need a little longer to be carried out, please ask your doctor or kinesiologist if you are not sure.

Vaccination Protection

Consists of the essences Maple Bud, Star of Bethlehem, Bistort, White Yarrow, Amble Willowrose.

©Dirk Albrodt

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