Spring Makeover

Even if we are not guided by our natural internal rhythms because of our extensive use of electric light and other amenities anymore, our internal programming seems to regard the winter as resting phase in which all activities are curtailed.

Nevertheless, we rush to the office by 8, whwether it‘s dark outside or not. In our environment it is always 20 degrees, if it freezes or the sun heats up mercilessly. We eat all kinds of fruits which are brought from far away to help us pretend it is not winter with their taste. In short, we do everything in our power to make winter to disappear if only from our awareness.

This does not really serve our health. Spring Makeover cleanses the energetic meridians and chakras and facilitates the purification of body and soul. Just because we try to manipulate our internal clock to create a perpetual summer, it is particularly important to compensate the additional stress of living in an artificial environment. At the end of the winter, which we perceive as almost summer, Spring Makeover is the right essence to prepare for the new year.

Spring Makeover

Spring Makeover contains the following Flower Essences:

Snowdrop - Galanthus nivalis
Snowdrops essence serves as a starter. Actually it is used more or less as a kind of antidepressant, but it has more to offer than just that.
Dejected people, this can be understood literally, remain lying. A characteristic of depression is the lack of physical activity. Depressed people feel heavy and useless and lack any motivation to get up. Their viewing direction is always downward, they do not find any access to the world „up there“. For this reason moving is particularly helpful in the treatment of depressive. Get up and move! Take a walk, swim, chop wood, learn to dance salsa or judo grips, no matter what: just do something! It‘s really quite simple: standing simply gives you a wider perspective than lying. It helps to recognize new and alternative options, which bring you new motivation.
Even if unfriendly conditions still prevail, Snowdrop appears self-confident and resilient, and that is how its essence works.
If there is winter in the soul, Snowdrop essence magically turns it into the spring. Snowdrop brings joy and new courage, optimism and energy - ideal prerequisite for starting the spring cleaning right now.

Stinging Nettle - Urtica dioica
Nettle tea detoxifies, drains and flushes the kidneys and acts anti-inflammatory.
Stinging Nettle essence has detoxifying effects, too, of course on the emotional level.
The winter usually limits our freedom of movement, we use to stay in closed rooms rather than outdoors, we can not keep out of the way of the other family members. Conflicts arise and tension builds up, and not coincidentally it discharges more than average at Christmas time, when the stress is greatest. Stining Nettle detoxifies relations.
Stinging Nettle essence calms smoldering and already erupted conflicts. It clears thoughts and feelings of vengeance and hatred and allows a view of what actually is wrong, whether it can be put in order or not. Where tension and feelings accumulate, they often are released in ugly scenes that only make the situation worse.
Stinging Nettle essence helps with resolving family and relationship conflicts, clears one‘s own feelings and intentions and cleans up the mess you may find yourself in.

Apple - Malus domestica
Apple flower essence is for the conversion of thoughts into action. It is a great motivator. An important indication for Apple is the belief that there is a shortage, that something is missing to be happy. This keeps you from being aware of your resources.
Confidence in your capabilities, skills and resources on the other hand can get you into a high-energy state. Energy deficiency leads to sluggishness, an abundance of energy to optimism and motivation. This flower essence can be used for longer-term disturbances and prolonged resentment and bitterness, if you dissatisfied with yourself, your body, and above all with your skin. Apple reloads your self-healing powers and stimulates your desire for health.

Self-Heal - Prunella vulgaris
Self-Heal is a universal energetic tool that it has become one of the most used essences in the world. It has a profound cleansing effect. It supports, for example, fasting, helps in the elimination of toxins while promoting the absorption of minerals.
The strengthening of the self-healing forces is particularly helpful in cases of chronic fatigue and after the exhaustion of the immune system breaks when you are prone to infections and constantly sick.
On an emotional level it can bring us insight into the disease and its gain. With emotional neediness e.g. you can attract attention, which is obtained by being sick, and can compensate the disadvantages of the disease.
Mainly Self-Heal supports the motivation to recovery: „I deserve to suffer“, it still a little cumbersome. „I‘m worth it to be healthy“ sounds much better, right?

©Dirk Albrodt

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