Spring Fever

This combination of four flowers and one environmental essence targets hardened inner states which make it difficult or impossible to open up to the beauty in life and the people around you.

Spring Fever

Whenever you are stuck and could use a little push to get out of the awkward situation of depression, sadness and frustration, this mixture can provide the right energy for it. Especially when cold and darkness do not seem to end ever.

Many people put conditions on their fate: first the prince on the white horse needs to come around the corner or the woman of one‘s dreams only then all will be well. It never works that way, because princes on horsebacks and beautiful women habitually make a huge detour around mopes and people who wallow in self-pity.


On the other hand mentioned species are just waiting for a winning smile, cordial charisma and spirit of enterprise to throw themselves at the ones with this kind of characteristics.


Another aspect to be highlighted: the purifying, refreshing and energizing effect of this mixture of: Spring Moon, Bougainvillea, St. John‘s Wort, Cherry and Snowdrop. Spring Fever takes care of the house cleaning at the physical, mental and spiritual level.


Spring Fever is a combination of essences suitable for all, who have lost the fun and the butterflies.

Saint John's Wort

It consists of:

Full Moon In Spring - enables to open up to your gentle, imaginative side and welcome the new life energy that germinates in you
Snowdrop - helps this germination inside to break through. Everything that was covered with ice may thaw and come to light again
Cherry - brings tingling, joy of life, a feeling of being in love
St. John‘s Wort - makes brave and strong and improves the absorption of sunlight into the soul
Bougainvillea - strengthens our playful and dreamy side, brings the tender poet in us to light.

©Dirk Albrodt

Even if we are not guided by our natural internal rhythms because of our extensive use of electric light and other amenities anymore, our internal programming
At the beginning of this combination essence we asked ourselves „What‘s missing?“ Surely there are enough flower essences that help to relieve symptoms
Not all lessons of life we recognize as such at all, others we rather avoid. However he who does not learn the lessons of life will be forced to repeat
Protection from energetic side effects of vaccinationWhich parents do not want the best for their children? But which parents bear the pressure of the
This combination was developed because of the great demand for an energy that initiates and maintains sleep. It consists of:Walnut -  Helps to fall asleepDandelion
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