Horseshoe-Mix - The Home Guard

Kroetwusj is the name of an ancient ritual protection in Limburg, the south-eastern Dutch province, where the people speak a dialect that sounds like a mixture of Dutch and how they speak in Cologne. A name that outside this part of the country hardly anyone can pronounce correctly, which made it necessary to choose a simpler name for this flower combination: Horseshoe Mix.

On 15 August, the day before the Assumption, Kroetwusj bouquets are brought to the church where the priest blesses them. Then they taken home and hung up in the houses and barns. In different sub-regions, the composition of the Kroetwusj varies as much as the many dialects. One can find recipes of up to 99 different summer bloomers. All plants have the word thunder as part of their name in this or that regional dialect.

The more flowers are included in a bouquet, the longer the required pilgrimage resp. the search for the flowers lasts. The history of this tradition dates back to pre-Christian times, when the Germans thanked their gods for the harvest with this ritual. About the 10th Century people began to take the Kroetwusj to the church in order to have it blessed. The aim of the ritual was probably ask God to bless all the plants, so that they could be used as human and animal food and medicines.

At harvest time when the grain was scythed and bundled dryness was of particular importance. During this time, people used to work without breaks in order to bring in the harvest safely. Rainstorms were not welcome. Still air, the silence before the storm, therefore gave the signal to stop all field work and hurry to rush home. There they were protected against lightning and thunder after all, since the „man of the house“ had secured it with the Kroetwusj against all demons. Occasionally the herb bundle was burned during the storm in the oven.
Nowadays, we consider the Kroetwusj as a protective agent.


consists of:

  • Self-Heal - Prunella vulgaris
    Self-Heal enables and improves self-acceptance as a prerequisite for recovery. By promoting motivation for healing it makes succesfull treatment and rehabilitation possible. The rejection of oneself weakens the immune system and causes destruction and self-destruction. This flower essence eases self-doubt and confusion, it heals damaging behavior patterns.

  • Ground Ivy - Glechoma hederacea
    Ground Ivy brings old misunderstood emotions in order, helps to understand behavior patterns that have become useless and transform them, especially the ones that were previously not even noticed. The essence brings wealth and power, and promotes the development of the finer qualities of one‘s being, to fine-tune and express them. Ground Ivy grounds and brings confidence in yourself, no matter where you currently are.

  • Poppy - Papaver rhoeas
    Poppy flower of Demeter the Greek goddess of fertility and vegetation, opens the heart if it has been closed and you do no longer really know how to open up to others. It helps to deal with your own vulnerability, teaches new ways of self-assertion when the pattern of cocooning was your only protection.New self-confidence makes you recognize your vulnerability as a valuable part of yourself and enables to make friends once again. Reticency may have a protective effect, however it „protects“ not only from injury, but also from love.

  • Oregano - Origanum vulgare
    Home is where the heart is. Oregano brings independence and centers. This makes it possible to to feel at home wherever you are. The center is the here and now and this needs to be protected. The essence helps to take your heart wherever you go, to find your home wherever you are, not to seek your fortune in the past but in the present.

  • Hemp-Agrimony - Eupatorium cannabinum
    The thunder protection. Or to put it better: the protection against lightning strikes.
    Hemp-Agrimony is a research essence that is used for loneliness and isolation based on the fact that you do not recognize the connection with all (anymore).

The combination of all five flowers
Opening and gentleness (Poppy), ability to direct confrontation (Ground Ivy), self-defense and focus on the essentials (Self-Heal), centering and presence of mind (Oregano) and protection (Hemp-Agrimony)

If this energy is introduced into the air for example via an aroma lamp or as a spray, it strengthens all the residents of the house in a way that protects the house as a whole.

©Dirk Albrodt

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