Basis Chakra

Of course it is about the basics in life. The basic energy helps us to cope with the material and physical aspects of life. Without them a spiritual life is impossible – simply because we would be dead without our material basis.

Without bones we nothing more than merely a helpless heap of unshaped flesh. Without food we die within weeks, without water we die within days. Without blood we were unable to bring the energy, that food provides us with, to all areas in the body -  and we would die. So the energy related to the Basis Chakra is about material life. It helps to live and work and reproduce ourselves, find a job, build a house, pay our bills and find a kindergarden for our kids. This energy grounds us, gives us stability and a good sense of realism. When this battery called Basis Chakra is charged with energy, we are able to cope with everything life brings, even the hard times.

But it is not just the right energy to survive, it also gives us joy of life. When we love our bodies we also love to work and to dance, to go in for sports and care for our gardens, enjoy food and playing and sex. This energy keeps us alive and in case we are ill, it helps to recover by stimulating our immune system.

It helps us make our ideas and plans become real, while a lack makes us sluggish and makes us live in our imagination rather than the real world. That is why Waldrebe (Clematis) is not only a good remedy for children, she is also one of the major essences for charging the first Chakra.

Basis Chakra

More essences for the Basis Chakra are:
Granatapfel – Pomegranate – it is life-giving energy, brings self-confidence, fertility and is the most appropriate for cases when a couple‘s wish to have a child stays unfullfilled;
Sonnenblume – Sunflower – the Yang-partner essence of Granatapfel, brings strength and courage and uprightness; good for cases of infertility in both women and men;
Löwenzahn – Dandelion – this is the major essence for grounding, helps to keep the feet on the ground, be realistic and flexible at the same time; helps to take action; helps to stand stress;
Schmalblättriges Weidenröschen – Willowrose – re-opens the first Chakra, when it has been injured and blocked; heals what is unconscious but still suffering.

Of course flower essence therapy is an individual treatment, every unique person needs his or her unique essence combination and there are certainly more essences to heal this Chakra than mentioned. Anyway this combination of Granatapfel, Löwenzahn, Schmalblättriges Weidenröschen, Sonnenblume and Waldrebe is worth a try.

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