This Chakra is about exchange – of information, of energy, of whatever. It is located in the throat and regulates the flow of food and water, oxygen, nerval impulses, information from head to heart and vice versa.

In the throat our thoughts are processed into words, our larynx decides, without telling us anything about its work, if something should take the direction of the lungs or of the stomach. The thyroid gives us new energy, when getting a little tired or lethargic, the parathyroid regulates the calcium in blood and bones. The oxygen we breathe in fires the energy of the Basis-Chakra. There is no reason to underestimate the work of the Throat-Chakra. Once this Chakra is closed and lacks energy we can get seriously ill, beginning with a little cough, but relating also to all inflammations in this area, serious lung problems and more.

On the emotional, social, psychological and spiritual level it works on the issue ‚authenticity‘. A strong and healthy Throat-Chakra means honesty and reliability. Head and heart are aligned. If there should be a blockage people may tend to showing-off, be rude, overly rational or highly emotional, false and dishonest. They do not make the right use of the speaking abilities, they hurt others for nothing.

Shyness and arrogance show the two sides of the coin, when the Throat-Chakra does not work properly. If we however succeed in healing this Chakra, warmth, commitment and authenticity are the results.

This is about how we relate to others. Do we communicate clearly or somehow indifferent and undecisive? Do others misunderstand us? Then let us turn to our communication-centre, it heals our inner and outer communication.

Throat Chakra

Throat-Chakra Essence

contains the following single flower essences:
Salbei – Sage: strengthens the untamed, the wild, the original in us;
Ringelblume – Calendula: enhances our communication skills;
Lungenblümchen – Lungwort: is the trump, the essence that makes unbearable situations easy to cope, brings inspiration and quick repartee;
Wegwarte – Chicory: enhances our ability to unconditional loving;
Strahlenlose Kamile – Pineapple Weed: coordinates our center and periphery, mind and heart, talking and acting, left and right brain etc.

©Dirk Albrodt

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