Crown Chakra

All the Chakras are aligned to the central axis in the body, our spine –  with one exeption, the so-called Crown Chakra, which is located on top of the head. The first one, our Basis Chakra, absorbes the energy from the Earth, the last one, the Crown Chakra is for letting in the energy from the sky (or you may also say the universe), all the others open to our front side.

Crown Chakra

The Crown-Chakra

You find the Crown Chakra on top of the head. Similar to the Basis-Chakra, that supports our grounding and connection to the Earth and the material realm, the Crown-Chakra opens us and connects us to the immaterial, the spiritual realm. I do not want to define „spiritual realm“ or „spirituality“ since everybody has his or her own definition of it, and I do not like to insult anybody. Be it Jesus, Buddha or Allah or nature or animal spirits or whatever, they all have one thing in common: they express the human need and search for a higher being, a higher order and a deeper sense of life. Whatever you own way to spirituality may be - the Crown Chakra does not mind.

This Chakra leads us to new perspectives, it shows us the world from a higher point of view. The Crown Chakra makes us recognize what all humans have in common, may they be black or white, male or female, young or old, Christian, Muslim or Atheist. People have always searched for the higher realm. Some give prayers, some meditate, others dance or eat mushrooms. Such rituals belong to human life like the need for food, sleep, movement and compagny. You may call them food for the soul.

The qualities the Crown Chakra provides us with are insight, awakening, wisdom, peace, stillness and forgiveness. It brings our inner and outer development to a higher level. It helps us reach the final stage, when we already are grounded, creative, calm, loving, expressive and intuitive (qualities the other Chakras help us to develop). Now we can see the greater picture, the sense of it all.

Anyway there is no instant enlightening. Without the experience of having overcome difficulties and blockages we do not know how success feels, and success is part of human nature. Watch a child learning to go and its face when it finally works! Of course it is easier to be carried one‘s whole life - it only lacks the feeling of inner strength and ability to solve problems by oneself. It does not make sense to buy a university degree from a dubious university somewhere in nowhereland - you will still have no idea of what it means to be skilled. Buy books for the shelf and you never know what you can learn from them. So if you search for enlightening, do not believe you could get it for free or by taking an essence. This essence can only support your efforts.

Crown-Chakra Essence

The combination contains the following single flower essences:
Buschwindröschen - Wood Anemone: brings insight in karmic issues and helps to resolve them;
Magnolie – Magnolia: peace and meditation, stillness, breaking patterns;
Pfeifenstrauch – Mock Orange: the light-bringer, self-awareness and self-consciousness;
Rosmarin – Rosemary: feeds the soul, helps to fully incarnate;
Weiße Schafgarbe – White Yarrow: protection and calmness.

©Dirk Albrodt

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