This Chakra of course can be found in the chest, located on the spine opening to ther front side. The associated colour is green. Green strengthens the heart, so if you want to bring peace back to your heart go out for a walk in nature and if you should not have enough time get some plants for your home, office and workshop. Perhaps this is one of the reasons why our modern towns have become so stressful and heartless: they lack green. Everything is grey, grey, grey ... and crowded and noisy and full of smog ... how should people not loose their inner balance?

On the physical level the Heart Chakra supports the heart, the lungs and the thymus. If you should have any problems with these organs you can always support your medical treatment by taking Heart Chakra essence.

This Chakra plays a special role in the Chakra system, it is the center. The center between the physical forces (lower three Chakras) and the spiritual ones (upper three Chakras), these energies meet in the heart and are merged with love, so that everything can turn out fine for us. Whenever inner forces are fighting within you, the emotional and the rational, the mind and the soul or whatever, the Heart Chakra helps you to find a solution.

Heart Chakra

If the Heart Chakra is blocked or does not work properly, you will suffer from several problems like extreme altruism, while ignoring your own needs and desires. It could also happen that you block your heart completely, withdraw from others and live on your own not seeking for any company. Some people even reject love, since they feel too vulnerable and prefer to stay alone instead of taking the risk of getting hurt again. On the other hand it also happens that people loose their interest, lack joy and motivation but experience everything as boring. Others behave like little children and always want to be so close to their loved ones, that they can hardly breathe. They are so dependant! One day their partners find they should care a little more for themselves – and they will leave.

A powerful Heart Chaka provides us with the major ingredients of a fullfilling life: cooperation and empathy, respect, balance of activity and passivity, be able to give and receive love, act from your heart, grow beyond your ego, be and feel free in relationships.

Heart-Chakra Essence

contains the following single flower essences:
Apfel - Apple: brings new motivation, activity, lightness, enthusiasm;
Fingerhut – Foxglove: helps to go beyond the limitations of the heart, frees from old stories and restrictions around the heart;
Kirsche – Cherry: brings joy to your heart in a child-like quality, helps to open your heart to love;
Quitte – Quince: when mind and soul struggle, Quince makes you find the solution in your heart;
Wegwarte – Chicory: unconditional love, enjoy the joy of others.

©Dirk Albrodt

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