Brow Chakra

The name Brow Chakra focusses on the special spot in the body, that we associate with the so-called third eye. In fact the Chakra is located on the spine just like the other Chakras, too. It is exactly where the head meets the neck, right above the first vertebra. The third eye first appeared in spiritual history when Horus, the Egyptian God of the Sun, lost one eye and instead developed the third eye on his forehead right between the brows. That made him see what lies underneath the surface, see the whole picture.

On the physical level this Chakra supports everything in and around the head. It strengthens our senses and our perceptive faculty and mental abilities. A good working Brow Chakra helps us understand complex structures and develop intuitive understanding. It makes conscious, what was unconscious before. It is about logical thinking as well as emotional impact and intuition. These aspects together create a wholeness, that helps us understand the world and ourselves. Do no longer reduce your perception to the emotional, rational or intuitive point of view – put them all together and see the whole picture, that is what Brow-Chakra essence will help you do do.

If this Chakra should be blocked, you may experience one or more of the follwoing symptoms: you do not see the forest for the trees, you are dense and slow, there is lack of orientation, lack of congruency, lack of authenticity, lack of a general view, too much attention on logic and rational thinking, lack of realism, you are lost in the dreamworld, show erratic behaviour, all symptoms that are assiciated with the senses, the organs and the thinking. Brow-Chakra Essence helps to align your senses. It helps to get out of lethargy and into an active and joyful life. It feeds us with everything we need for a fullfilling, sensitive as well as sensual life. It helps the overly intellectual as well as the mentally inert. Brow-Chakra awakens you to your new life and helps you to completion and wholeness.

Brow Chakra

Brow-Chakra Essence

The combination contains the following single flower essences:
Beifuß – Mugwort: make friends with your intuition.
Brachycome – Brachycome: learn to watch without judgement.
Brombeere – Blackberry: learn to see the whole picture.
Lavendel – Lavender: stillness of the mind.
Pfefferminze – Peppermint: intellectual grasp, clearness and sharpness of the mind.

©Dirk Albrodt

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