The Solar Plexus was discovered only 100(something) years ago. The scientist saw a bundle of nervs reminding them of the Sun and his rays. This nerve centre ist part of our autonomous nervous system – so it works independantly from our will -  and regulates all functions in our abdomen.

But although our will does not rule the solar plexus‘ activity directly we still can take influence – without having to practice yoga for a quarter of a century. In last century‘s 30ies a German physician developed his kind of relaxation technique called Autogenic Training which has been followed by many variations and other techniques. One of the exercises you practice while doing your Autogenic Training is the so called „Solar Plexus exercise“. As you may know this kind of relaxation works with auto-suggestion. You use a formula like „my belly is warm“ or a similar one. The more often you exercise the more effective you will be. In the end the suggestion works like a trigger that initiates the Solar Plexus.

Now there are two major parts in our autonomous nervous system, they are called ‚sympathetic nervous system ‘ and ‚parasympathetic nervous system‘. The first mentioned regulates our activities, it directs our blood to where it is needed most: our muscles and our brain. When we make a break and relax, it the parasympathetic part‘s turn. Now our blood is directed to our skin and our digestion organs. They both are representations of the good old Yin-Yang-System. They work alternating. Once we are awake and active, we can be sure that our sympathetic division is doing its work. While we rest or sleep, the parasympathetic one works.

People who live a stressful life are mainly living ruled by the sympathetic division (or yang). They like to control the events of their lives and often experience problems when trying to let go. Even when they lie down and try to rest their mind does not stop and repeats the issues of the days or whatever again and again. In order to get our digestion work properly we need to switch from the sympathetic to the  parasympathetic division, from yang to yin. When you are active the whole day long neither your stomach‘s nor intenstine‘s work can be initiated by your parasympaticus. You know what then happens: dinners lies like a big stone in your stomach and does not change. Heartburn and wind, because the food rots instead of being digested, are only two of the often arising problems resulting from when you are dominated by stress,  hectic states, all day lasting activity or call it however you like. Taking a pause from time to time does not indicate you are lazy, but supporting your own health by  caring for a healthy digestion. You have to let go...

On the emotional level fear is one of the major signs of a not properly working solar plexus. You only see the problems and blockages, get depressed and afraid of taking any challenge. Fate rules and you have no chance to take influence. However the other extrem is also possible: you always try to keep control of everything. You are afraid of what you do not know (e.g. the future) and so you try to give ‚accidents‘ no chance by keeping an eye on every detail of your life. Such behaviour is as stressful as unsuccessful. However when you carry your stomach ulcer or whatever to your doctor‘s practice you will know. And even if your doctor has never heard of anything like yin and yang, he will certainly recommend relaxtion, pause and a kind of inner stress management (or in case he is less skilled, he gives you a handful of pills and lets you go on with your unhealthy life style).

When your solar plexus works good, it is a major source of courage and trust. You develop a ‚gut feeling‘, act according to your personality and emotions, gain strength and capacity to act, know to act spontaneously and listen to your body‘s needs. Flexibility, strength and courage, a good digestion, warm hands and feet, a healthy day and night cycle, a trustworthy instinct and the ability to go with the flow of life are the reward of a fully functioning Solar Plexus Chakra.

Solar Chakra

Solar-Chakra Essence

The combination contains the following single flower essences:
Touch-Me-Not-Balsam - Echtes Springkraut – original trust, helps to feel safe;
Evening Primrose - Große Nachtkerze – face the dark side;
St. John‘s Wort - Johanniskraut – courage and sense of humour, move forward into the future without fear;
Pink Yarrow - Rosa Schafgarbe – protect yourself of others‘ emotions, stay centred and safe;
Tomato - Tomate – take the challenge, fight for the right thing without hesitation and doubt.

©Dirk Albrodt

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