Sacral Chakra

You can find the Sacral-Chakra on the spine opposite to the pubic bone. On the physical level it supports and energizes the pelvis and all of its organs like the sexual organs and the bladder. Beyond that it works with all the fluids in the human body like blood, urine, lymph etc.

On the emotional level the Sacral-Chakra works with creativity and sexuality. Of course they relate to each other, what is sex without creativity and vice versa (unless you love boring, routine sex at the very same time before taking the usual ritual bath once a week). Sex is the big motivator and any motivbation has its sexual ingredient. The parts of the brain, where motivation is created, usually add a scent of sex to it in order to make us start and strengthen our will. No wonder makers of tv-sport and advertisement make use of the first law in pr: sex sells. Almost every product is connected to any sexual aspects on the pr level. It works! (even with flower essences people. Once I introduced Evening Primrose as the „sex essence“ I sold huge amounts of this one.)

A lack of motivation may point to a blocked Sacral-Chakra. If you feel unable to do anything, but hanging around and everything seems dull and boring, perhaps you better check your Chakra.

The second essential field the Sacral-Chakra works in is creativity (you would not believe how creativ people can be, when they want sex). Both sexuality and creativity lead to the birth of someone or something new. No wonder writers often call their book their baby (I even heard an essence producer call his essences his babies!). Without the motivation influence of the (also so-called) Sex-Chakra their novels may not be as sparkling and fascinating.

A healthy and fully energized Sacral-Chakra helps us to build up healthy, strong and inspiring relationships. When people surpress their sexuality, this does not only block their Sex-Chakra, but also they do deny their own nature (what could be called a self-rape). Some religions demand total denial of one‘s sexuality. The resulting compensations can be seen all over the world - denial or surpressing of sexual energy makes aggressive and violent. This Chakra brings us energy and motivation and fullfillment. While the Basis-Chakra supports our material basics (our flesh and bones) the second one lets us use them, makes us move. The Sacral-Chakra supports our willingness to explore the world, it makes us active, social and brings us love of life. If we fail to experience life‘s adventures and everything is routine and repeating itself, energizing the second Chakra can give our life a new direction.

A healthy sexlife can work as an antidepressive. The Chakra is associated with the colour orange, which has turned out to be the favourite colour in the practices of depression treating psychotherapists.

Sacral Chakra

Sacral-Chakra Essence

The combination contains the following single flower essences:

  • Bergflockenblume – Perennial Cornflower – sensuality;
  • Bougainvillea – phantasy;
  • Eibisch - Marsh Mallow – go beyond limitations;
  • Kirsche - Cherry – zest for life;
  • Mondviole - Moneyplant – abundance.

©Dirk Albrodt

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