Protection, resistance, remaining open to others while still preserving the integrity of the Self, vitality.

Patterns of imbalance: vulnerability, fragility, negative influences.

Protects and reinforces an individual to face outside ag ressions. Protects against pollution, noxious radiations or other electromagnetic stress. Remmended to those who feel vulneralble from others and from the environment. For overcoming fatigue, weariness, exhaustion, apathy caused by environmental and geopathic stress.

Contains: flower essenoes of Golden Yarrow (Achillea filipendulina), Pink and White Yarrow (Achillea millelolium).

Courage, clarity, commitment, determination, letting go.Patterns of imbalance: inertia, being prisoner of the past, inability to moveforward.A complex
Vitality, joy of living, perspective.Patterns of imbalance: fear of ageing, loss of interest, stagnation, lack of satisfaction.Helps get some distance
Will, enthusiasm, affirmation and self-acceptance.Patterns of imbalance: Self-withdrawal, rejection of others, feeling of isolation and lack of understanding,
Openness, self-esteem, social enthusiasm, creativity.Patterns of imbalance: feeling of abandonment, self withdrawal, lack of self confidence, timidity
Emotional balance, confidence, vitality, receptivity.Patterns of imbalance: hypersensitivity, vulnerability, uneasiness.Helps the pregnant woman both physically
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