Early Childhood

Openness, self-esteem, social enthusiasm, creativity.

Patterns of imbalance: feeling of abandonment, self withdrawal, lack of self confidence, timidity or aggressiveness.

A complex to facilitate the learning of social skills and encourage the child to open up to the world. To develop harmonious relations with the environment, whether within or outside the family unit. Balances the mother-child relationship. Stimulates the affective warmth and favours tenderness between the child and those around him/her. Develops the spirit of companionship and helps overcome the fear of others. Favours balanced self-esteem. Preserves and encourages spontaneous artistic creativity in the child, especially when the social or environmental context tends to stifle creativity. Recommended in situations of illtreatment and abandon.

Contains: Flower essences of Buttercup (Ranunculus acris), Iris (Iris sp.), Holly (Ilex aquifolium), Mallow (Malva sylvestris) and Lyme (Tilia platyphyllos).

Courage, clarity, commitment, determination, letting go.Patterns of imbalance: inertia, being prisoner of the past, inability to moveforward.A complex
Vitality, joy of living, perspective.Patterns of imbalance: fear of ageing, loss of interest, stagnation, lack of satisfaction.Helps get some distance
Will, enthusiasm, affirmation and self-acceptance.Patterns of imbalance: Self-withdrawal, rejection of others, feeling of isolation and lack of understanding,
Emotional balance, confidence, vitality, receptivity.Patterns of imbalance: hypersensitivity, vulnerability, uneasiness.Helps the pregnant woman both physically
Listening, understanding, fellowship.Patterns of imbalance: rejection, lack of understanding, stress and conflict. Strengthens the family unit. Develops
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