Will, enthusiasm, affirmation and self-acceptance.

Patterns of imbalance: Self-withdrawal, rejection of others, feeling of isolation and lack of understanding, lack of satisfaction, apathy, immaturity.

This complex helps overcome adolescent identity crisis. For those who don’t feel comfortable with themselves. To harmoniously integrate sexual identity. To positively affirm one’s individuality and defend ones ideas when confronted with family, social and cultural pressures. To avoid letting the adolescent withdraw into illusory experiences that weaken the will (drugs, abuse of passive situations). For those who are confused as to their future and who still have not found a direction in their life. Frees the creative potential of the individual.

Contains: Flower essences of Basil (Ocymum basilicum), California poppy (Eschscholzia californica), Crabapple (Malus sylvestris), Larch (Larix decidua), Mullein (Verbascum thapsus), Sunflower (Helianthus annuus) and Wild oat (Bromus ramosus).

Courage, clarity, commitment, determination, letting go.Patterns of imbalance: inertia, being prisoner of the past, inability to moveforward.A complex
Vitality, joy of living, perspective.Patterns of imbalance: fear of ageing, loss of interest, stagnation, lack of satisfaction.Helps get some distance
Openness, self-esteem, social enthusiasm, creativity.Patterns of imbalance: feeling of abandonment, self withdrawal, lack of self confidence, timidity
Emotional balance, confidence, vitality, receptivity.Patterns of imbalance: hypersensitivity, vulnerability, uneasiness.Helps the pregnant woman both physically
Listening, understanding, fellowship.Patterns of imbalance: rejection, lack of understanding, stress and conflict. Strengthens the family unit. Develops
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